The king of fools

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Dit is een oude tekst van een liedje van mij. De titel draagt al een heel verhaal in zich.  Soms ben je zo blij met de titel. Daar moet ik T-shirts van laten maken. 

Now when you feel awful anyway
and your headache is having a fieldday
Something pops up to make it even worse
You've been blessed with a fatal curse

These are the days of solid drinking
Unpure thinking, wrong state of mind
These are the days of endless searching
Never knowing what you hope, what you want to find

You're the king of fools
In a life where weakness rules
You've crowned yourself
the king of fools

And when you try to stand tall
and resist the sweet call of alcohol
Something pops up, you expect the worst
That's the curse of the big thirst

You're the king of fools
In a life where weakness rules
You've crowned yourself
the king of fools

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